Weston and Jodi Clark, Colorado residents for many years, have dedicated their life to the preservation, conservation, and management of the beautiful outdoors. Their loyalty to wild game management and its natural habitat have earned them respect from some of the most prominent clientele. Weston, is a 33-year veteran of outfitting and big game hunting, a professional in the Outdoor TV Industry, and has guided some of the world’s most popular TV personalities on hunts of a lifetime. He has been the featured article by Jim Zumbo in OUTDOOR LIFE MAGAZINE on calling late season cottonwood elk. Weston and Jodi have also been showcased in Nikon’s Livin’ The Dream Magazine, with an extensive view of their show and family. Raised in the Wind River Mountain Range in Wyoming as a boy, Weston developed the intrinsic ability to call and manipulate big game animals. Over several decades, Weston applied this art and developed big game calls that proved to be anatomically parallel to nature’s, and launched a thriving business from that talent, which was acquired in 2012 by The Outdoor Group. Today those calls are known as Duel Game Calls. Weston lectures around the United States and Canada on the topics of big game hunting and calling techniques. Weston’s wife Jodi, joined Weston in his trek into the outdoor television industry, creating multiple Outdoor TV Series, that included, “Higher Ground”, “The Experience with Weston and Jodi”, and now, “Experience Adventures”, which have aired on The Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel and Pursuit Channel. Weston and Jodi, are the proud parents of 7 children, and reside in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Their love for family, this nation, and the outdoors is the core inspiration for all they do.